The transit-oriented community (TOC) proposal at the future King-Bathurst Station looks to add more housing and office space while retaining heritage buildings and structures, recognizing the character of this vibrant neighbourhood.

The King-Bathurst Station site consists of two sites, which have been identified as TOC opportunities. The sites will be developed by the Province in line with the stated objectives of the TOC program.

Why is King-Bathurst a designated TOC?

The future growth potential for the King-Bathurst Station site is dependent on a planned transit station that will serve the surrounding neighbourhood with connections to streetcar and subway service along the Ontario Line.

What are the benefits of the King-Bathurst TOC Project?

The Province, in consultation with the City of Toronto, is working on a development proposal that would deliver new housing and opportunities for employment space integrated with the new King-Bathurst subway station.

The proposal retains heritage buildings and structures, recognizing the character of this vibrant neighbourhood and reinforcing the cultural heritage value of the sites.

Base buildings defined by key heritage features will frame public spaces in proportion and contribute to a safe, comfortable and enjoyable pedestrian experience.

The new King-Bathurst transit hub will form a “gateway” to the downtown, emphasizing the significance and contributing to the sense of place of the King-Spadina neighbourhood and infusing these sites with newfound civic importance.

Economic activity

The proposed development concept at King-Bathurst is intended to deliver approximately up to 1,315 square metres of small-scale, flexible office space in a prime, transit-accessible location and up to 90 jobs at the heart of a future major transit station area.


The proposed development supports sustainability objectives by: 

  • Introducing people and jobs directly adjacent to transit;
  • Providing on-site bicycle parking spaces in excess of by-law requirements;
  • Meeting or exceeding the requirements of green roofs and the Toronto Green Standard.


The proposed development is anticipated to deliver approximately 422 new residential units, expanding housing options by including new and affordable units.


The King-Bathurst Station will serve the surrounding neighbourhood with convenient, and accessible connections to the 504 King streetcar, the 511 Bathurst streetcar and subway service along the Ontario Line.

The station will add a faster transit option to a densely populated neighbourhood where almost 8,700 households don’t have a car.

Transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly streetscape improvements will contribute to the walkability of the area.

The proposed development supports the uptake of active transportation through the provision of approximately 500 bicycle parking spots with dedicated spaces reserved for transit users.

Project Documentation

  1. Cover Letter (0.91 MB PDF)
  2. Planning Rationale (A) (24.3 MB PDF)
  3. Planning Rationale (B) (15.1 MB PDF)
  4. Project Data Sheet North Site (0.81 MB PDF)
  5. Project Data Sheet South Site (0.81 MB PDF)
  6. Architectural Plans North Site (18 MB PDF)
  7. Architectural Plans South Site (17.5 MB PDF)
  8. King-Bathurst Shadow Study North (10.2 MB PDF)
  9. King-Bathurst Shadow Study South (10.3 MB PDF)
  10. Transportation Impact Study (4.9 MB PDF)
  11. OLTA FSR King-Bathurst TOC (3.6 MB PDF)
  12. Drainage and Stormwater Management Report (1.7 MB PDF)
  13. OLTA Memo and Drawings (0.83 MB PDF)

Learn about the project and provide your input

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